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Personal, Accessible Care

from newborn to adolescent
We see things
a little differently.

Our Practice

We founded Healthy Steps to bring back the kind of personalized care we dreamed of in medical school. Your child's care is a careful balance of up-to-date medicine, and common sense. It should not be determined by a single large institution and its affiliates, but by what your doctor thinks is best for your child, upon each visit.
At Healthy Steps, we believe:
Care should be personal. 
We build a relationship with your children that will last from birth until they move on to adulthood. We’ll know your children from the first night you wait for them to fall asleep, to the first night you wait for them to come home.

Care should be convenient. 

Fevers don’t spike and knees aren’t scraped during normal business hours. Open over 12 hours a day and with an on-call doctor every night, you’ll find help when you need it. We promise.

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